Why Is She Writing a Personal Finance Blog??

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I know that’s what you’re thinking!! And it’s okay…it’s a legit question. I do have an accounting degree but I am not a finance professional or offering financial advice in any professional capacity. (That’s my disclaimer in case you missed it!)

Current situation:

45 years old, single (widowed actually), two kids in college, still paying off my own student loans, and too much credit card debt.

Wait, wait, wait, don’t give up on me and click on Dave Ramsey or some other expert that has their financial stuff all figured out. It’s true, if you’re looking for someone that can give you financial advice on what to do with your millions of dollars just sitting around, then you’ve stumbled on the wrong site (but hey, we can still be friends!)

So What Are Your Credentials?

If you’re looking for someone who has made financial mistakes in her past (LOTS of them), but has become really good at taking a shoestring budget and making it stretch into financing a pretty good life then you are definitely at the right spot.

Want to learn how to set up a budget that will help you cut costs and still have some fun money each month? I’m your girl. Check out this post if you need help setting up a budget.

Need some tricks on how to snowflake some extra funds each month? I have lots of tips on saving money, using rewards programs, taking surveys, etc. Check out this post. These tips won’t make you rich but they’re easy ways to save up for Christmas or birthday shopping, or those extra tight months where a $25 gift card for Kroger or Target will really come in handy in stretching the grocery budget.

Learn From My Mistakes

I’m also going to tell you about some of my stupid mistakes. I bought too much house my first (and second time) out. Leasing cars meant I always had a car payment for way too many years. Credit cards were occasionally used for things like vacations or Christmas presents. Learn from my mistakes, I have (mostly).

Life happens to us all. Losing my husband early in our marriage reduced us from a two-income household to one income. Not having enough life insurance was a costly mistake to our family for sure. A child diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes has been a costly endeavor over the years because even with health insurance, it’s a ridiculously expensive disease to treat. Not taking more risks in my career earlier on meant I had a job that I liked but didn’t always help to pay the bills since pay raises were far and few between.

The purpose of this blog is to show people that despite life circumstances or poor choices in the past, you can still take steps to improve your financial life at any time. The choice is yours if you want to take steps to improve your life or keep repeating the mistakes that put you in a bad financial place.

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Please share if you've enjoyed this post!

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