Vacation’s Over

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Cruising Fun

Back to reality. 6 days of fun in the sun and woke up the morning after vacation to snow on my car. It’s warming up a bit again now though so I’m not going to spend any more time complaining about it. Our trip was great. My next post might be an in-depth post about my thoughts on cruising. For now, I’ll just say that I didn’t go hungry, love a good Miami Vice drink, tried a few other drinks that were quite good as well, and had lots of laughs with good friends. I will definitely take another cruise but since neither of my guys seem too keen on the cruise idea, I think I may look at all-inclusive resorts for my 50th birthday celebration next year.

Prioritizing Vacation

One key takeaway from this trip and my trip to DC with Michael a few months ago is that I do want to schedule more downtime. Obviously, I’m not going to take 2 major vacations again within a 4-month span but I’m also not going to space my big vacations out over 7 or 8 years again either.

I have a lot less vacation time at my current job then I did at the previous job. There is some flexibility though between having every other Friday off and quite a few government holidays sprinkled in that some people don’t get so I can definitely schedule some smaller trips. I am not a staycation type of person, but I’m not opposed to short trips such as visiting Michael in Indianapolis or maybe taking a long vacation somewhere close like Pigeon Forge. Merging a Michael trip and a writing retreat was nice last year so I definitely think I’ll schedule another one of those this year.

So many years were spent busy with the boys and their schedules. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED that season of my life and honestly miss it horribly. Now though, they are busy with their own lives and careers.  Michael is in Indianapolis working and Nick has just bought his first home so the nest is empty again for now. It’s time for momma to figure out what she wants to do.

The good thing with me is I’m pretty low maintenance. I love a good beach vacation, but I also look forward every year to visiting our favorite little amusement park in Indiana and camping for a day or two. I’m happy touring a big city or a chill vacation with a good book or my laptop for some writing.

What’s Your Favorite Vacation?

What’s your favorite type of vacation? Beaches? Amusement parks? Natural Park settings? Cold environment or hot? I will admit, since funds are still a consideration for me (since the lottery refuses to coopearate), I did enjoy the mostly all-inclusive pricing of the cruise. Definitely going to be more diligent about putting money into a vacation fund though.


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  1. Bonnie C. Jung says:

    Love this! 1st sign of regenerating your mind and soul is doing what you are good at. Continue your blog and help folks in ways you will never know. So happy you did that thing. Now, do another “thing” what ever that may be. Fill your bucket with memories. Some day that might be all we have.

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