The Craziness of Life

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One week from today is Christmas. I am not done with my shopping. I have a good percentage done but really it’s the odds and ends and little stuff that seems to tie me up every year.

Two weeks from today is New Year’s Day. I do not have any idea what my resolutions/goals for 2024 are going to be yet. Usually I’ve spent a bunch of time at least pondering these.

It all comes back to what seems like is a common theme in my life: too much going on. And I’m sure I’m not alone.  I’ve noticed lately when I try to get info from people, whether it’s work or personal, that it takes awhile for people to get back to me. It’s a vicious cycle at times. So basically we’re all running around like crazy people…that’s my theory at least.

Who I Think I Am

The funny thing is that I consider myself a pretty simple person. Not simple-minded, lol, but I am perfectly happy doing what most people think is pretty dull. Reading a book, spending time writing (anything…a novel, this blog, a to-do list), watching some HGTV or the Hallmark channel or a cop show, dinners out with friends and family, seeing a movie in the theaters as the budget allows, maybe some road trips. A nice simple life, right?

My life was a little extra-crazy when the boys were younger because I was working around their sports and extracurriculars and my job. That’s how that season of life was supposed to be. Now that they’re grown, I assumed life would be spent with more dull ME moments. My house would be perfectly perfect all the time and I would be able to fix fancier meals and all the delayed projects would be completed. That has not happened!

My Current Life

My house is perpetually messy, work is always crazy, my office at work and home is a mess, still need quotes on new windows and carpet in my condo…the list goes on and on.

Why is life like this? I’ve got theories:

Number one, I am by nature a messy person. I love walking into someone’s house (I have an aunt or two, some friends, and a mother like this) and it’s perfectly clean and organized and put together. It makes me feel calm. My husband was very meticulous about organization and cleanliness. I am not that person but I strive to be more like that and I promise I am going to work hard on that in 2024. My new car has stayed clean the last 8 months though…so baby steps!

Work? My boys are constantly on me about work, since their activities have faded away from my life schedule, I’ve become a bit of a workaholic. Variety of reasons for this, a learning curve of a new job at first, then Covid hit and between working short-handed and extra paperwork involved in everything in a government office and a small staff, it’s just been hard to catch up. I’m giving myself a 3-month deadline to get caught up on that so I’m only working my scheduled hours this year. And I’m cleaning my office!

Money? The budget took a hit this year between needing a new car and AC/HVAC system and already having a cruise booked before the AC bit the dust. The car and the AC had to be done and I don’t regret them. And the cruise is paid for now though and honestly, it was needed for my mental health.  Hopefully I can squeak out some road trips despite the extra payments this year. 

The Goal Life

As far as everything else? Well, I feel if I get the life un-messied (physical spaces) and the work life un-messied than hopefully I’ll have more time to do the things I need and want to do in my personal life. I’m certainly not scheduling someone to come to my condo and give me quotes on new carpet and windows when my house is a mess. And it’s hard to plan a road trip on an extended weekend if I feel guilty about all the work that still needs to be done in the office on the weekend.

So stay tuned to see if 2024 is a little less crazy for me. And if you have any tips for a perpetually messy/unorganized person to suddenly become Marth Stewart/or the Home Edit ladies then please share them with me in the comments!! LOL. 






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