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More or Less

I am a creature of habit. If I ever go missing, it won’t be too hard for my friends and family to track me down. My kids tell me all the time that it’s a good thing I don’t have … Continue reading

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Life Insurance-Part 2

Today’s post is one that some people are not going to be comfortable with. I’m going to talk about life insurance, a topic near and dear to my heart. If you’re at all familiar with me then you’re aware of … Continue reading

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Separate or Joint Finances?

I started this blog years ago as mostly an accountability journal for myself.¬† Writing has been a therapeutic outlet for me for as long as I can remember. I’ve always loved reading blogs so I thought I’d try my hand … Continue reading

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2020 and the Second Half

So we’re way into the second half of 2020. Let’s be serious, did ANYONE forecast what a crazy, crazy year this would be? The Covid-19 pandemic, killer hornets, Australia burned, protests all over the country….I’ll stop here because that’s enough … Continue reading

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How to Budget When You’re Broke

I’ve been interested in personal finance for a long time. This blog actually started¬†after realizing I might as well try writing my own after years of reading numerous financial blogs. I figured my love of writing and having a few … Continue reading

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