Surgery, Going Crazy, and a New Year

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Foot Surgery

So it’s been a little over 5 weeks since my foot surgery. My doctor made it very clear that I would be off my foot completely for around 6 weeks and limited weight for a few weeks after that. That wasn’t going to be fun but I was sure I could handle it. I would just rest a little more, read some extra books and catch up on my writing.

Guess what? I totally underestimated what a TERRIBLE patient I am.
I am not good at sitting around with my foot propped up. Not driving, and depending on other people to get me where I need to go is driving me crazy! Leaving my second floor condo means scooting down on my bottom. Getting back up the stairs is done on my knee. The simple task of taking a shower is another ordeal in itself since my foot is still wrapped up and can’t get wet. And I feel like a terrible mother because I don’t have enough Christmas presents for my boys because you know…online shopping sucks and I can’t drive to the store. Sigh!

Oh yeah, and recovery isn’t going as well as expected so I may be off the foot for a few more weeks…

And did I mention that I’m supposed to be leaving for my cruise in 55 days?? I have no plans on being in a walking boot on my cruise so I am hunkering down and trying to be a model patient for the remainder of my convalescent period. That means a change in attitude is needed. My friends and family will all appreciate this I’m sure because I have been pretty whiney.

So what can I do about my terrible, horrible, no good attitude?? No…watching the end of Firefly Lane did not help with that because it ended (like all good Netflix seasons do) with a horrible cliffhanger and now I’m left waiting until June 8th for the remainder of the episodes. But what will help is…wait for it….wait for it….can you guess??

Working on my 2023 New Year’s Resolutions/Master List!!

You all know me. I love my resolutions and goals and lists. New Year’s is my favorite time of year to get a new plan together! I was feeling down in the dumps all day since it was my day off and I was stuck in the house and just the though of plotting out my resolutions (and perhaps also drinking my special cinnamon spice chai tea latte), has greatly improved my mindset tonight.

I mentioned to my youngest son I had to get working on my resolutions since I only had 2 weeks left in 2022 and he said he only had one resolution this year he was focusing on. Good job! I can’t do just one resolution though but he’s good with being laser focused on his goals.

Sent a text to the eldest son to see if he was setting resolutions this year…fully expecting an answer of no and he shocked me. He’s got a couple things he’s planning on working on this year as well. I may finally be rubbing off on these guys!! LOL.

So anyway…wish me luck on setting big achievable goals this year. I’m thinking I’m going to go back to setting monthly goals. I feel like when I did this a few years back it worked better for me than just setting a bunch of yearly goals and trying to work on them all throughout the year. So maybe 12 goals, one that I can focus on each month?? Not sure yet…stay tuned!

How about you guys? Who sets resolutions or goals or intentions for the year? I really want to know so please comment and let me know.





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