Summer Bucket List on a Budget

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Yay!! Summer is here! At least that’s the general feeling for most people. I know I’m in the minority here but it’s really not my favorite season. I don’t do well with hot weather, my work schedule is extra busy, and I generally feel like I can’t afford or can take the time for a nice vacation. Living closer to a beach would probably help my bah humbug attitude about summer but, alas, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

I’m busy working on my attitude about summer this year though. Of course, gas prices and prices in general across the board in my budget are just crazy right now. So I decided to create a little summer bucket list for myself and maybe provide a few tips on ways to make your summer fun a little more frugal this year.

Little reminder here: My blog, my rules, so don’t throw any political comments in here because they’ll be deleted quickly.

Summer 2022 Bucket List

  • Our annual trek to Holiday World in July. Only one kid can make it this year again. It’s tougher to coordinate family vacations when the kids grow up and start new careers with limited vacation time.
  • Make an effort to use my condo’s pool more. It’s free (well, paid for with my HOA dues) and rarely crowded
  • Enjoy my neighborhood’s fireworks show
  • Some matinee movies
  • ¬†Visit a farmer’s market
  • Do some extra reading
  • Take a day trip somewhere to explore somewhere new
  • Have a movie night with friends
  • Go Bowling
  • Have a game night with friends
  • Potluck dinner

Reducing Costs This Summer

  • Theme parks are expensive but the one we go to is just a few hours away, has free parking, sunscreen and drinks. We just stay two days generally but the park has a campground adjacent to it that friends camp at so after the park we generally all hang out around the campfire and have a good time. We’ve stayed at the campground in the past but it’s gotten super expensive to rent one of their campers or cabins so this year we’ll be getting a cheap hotel close by
  • If you don’t have your own pool then look for a neighborhood pool you can buy a membership or daily pass at. Also check for community pools.
  • Find a local fireworks show. They’re almost always free.
  • Going to the movies? Go a matinee or better yet, the first showing of the day at many theaters is extra discounted. Skip the concession stand.
  • Libraries are free and most nowadays have much more than books. My library allows you to check out books, CD’s, audio books, DVD’s, etc.
  • Game nights and movie nights with free can be an almost free activity. Have everyone bring a dish or dessert and stream your favorite movie or play some board or card games

What’s on your summer list of activities? Are the rising gas prices going to keep you closer to home this year?¬†

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