Stocking Stuffers for Everyone

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Christmas stockings

Photo by Any Lane

It’s nearly Christmas time again. Who is ready? Presents bought yet? And if so, are they wrapped and under the Christmas tree? We just got the Christmas tree up and some minimal Christmas decorations out last week. I live in a tiny condo anyway and merging some of Michael’s things in with mine while he’s living at home again has left very little room for lots of decorations. 

Christmas shopping is going okay. I’ve got several gifts already purchased but with just two and a half weeks left, it’s definitely crunch time to wrap it up. 

Here’s my list of favorite stocking stuffers if you’re like me and always looking for last minute gift ideas each year for the stocking.

  • Gum/candy
  • Colored gel pens
  • Charging cables (because who doesn’t need these for everything??)
  • socks (fuzzy socks, dress socks, funny socks, etc.)
  • Tile trackers/AirTags 
  • Ear Buds
  • Portable chargers (for phones, laptops, car batteries, etc.)
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Coffee pods/tea bags
  • Flashlights (great for homes and cars)
  • mini lotions and shower gels
  • lip balm/chap stick/lipstick
  • Gift cards
  • Lottery tickets (these are ALWAYS popular with our family)
  • Scarves
  • subscription for a favorite magazine/streaming service/zoo, etc.
  • perfume/cologne

What other ideas can you share?

Please share if you've enjoyed this post!

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