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Have you ever felt like you’re running behind? Running behind on your schedule for the day, running behind on your to-do list, always behind at work (me!!). Maybe you feel like you’re running behind in life. 

I sometimes feel like that last one. Somehow I thought I would be further along in life on my to-do and to-be list. I’ll be 50 in March and I’m not a famous author yet, I live in an older, smaller place then I would prefer, and at the rate I’m going I am going to be working until 47 minutes before I die (that might be a slight exaggeration…I tend to do that).

Don’t bother feeling sorry for me though. I’m happy with my life overall, I think I’m just prepping for my mid-life crisis. A friend recently sent me a clip from a guy named Mousa Al-Bharna on Linkedin. The clip was all about how we’re all on different timelines in life but we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others and realize we’re all in the right time zone for ourselves.

Some graduate early, some later in life, some choose totally different paths that don’t require degrees.

One person gets their dream job right off the bat, others go through several jobs/careers before they find their dream jobs and some are still looking.

You might have started your family early and others start a little later.

I firmly believe that life tends to work out the way it should. For those of you that know my back story, that might surprise you. My husband and I started our family a little earlier than we planned too. If the circumstances hadn’t worked out that way I wouldn’t have both my children though since my husband died when our youngest was only 6 months old. And if you know me at all, you know my boys are my life. And I only had my husband in my life for 5 years but even knowing how it all ended up, I would choose him again in a heartbeat.

My kids (I know, I know, they’re grown now but they’ll always be my kids) are in their 20’s now. It’s great watching them and their friends living their lives. Some have graduated from college, some are married or engaged, and several have bought their first homes. Some are pondering career changes, some have kids, and some are adamant that the single life is for them. 

I know a few feel they’re running behind though and I want to assure them they aren’t. I’m 49 and I still feel like I’m searching for a way to do what I want when I grow up. I’m okay in the time zone I’m in now though and I want them to be also.

Despite prepping myself for my mid-life crisis, I truly do know that I still have plenty of time to do all the things I want to do. I’ve been working on a version of my current novel since I was 12. I’ll finish it one day. One day I’ll get my dream home, or maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll just be content with what I have now. A smaller, older condo certainly hasn’t stopped me from having a great time with family and friends. Also, no one expects me to host when we get together so there’s always that…lol.

So to all the people out there, young and otherwise, realize you’re in the right time zone now. Take advantage of where you are now but also, don’t be afraid to move into the next time zone when you’re ready. Change is tough for me and that’s definitely slowed me down over the years. So embrace where you’re at now and when you’re ready (or even when you’re not 100% sure you’re completely ready) leap into that next time zone.

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