Starting a blog-part 2

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So starting a blog is a little more difficult than I first thought. I wrote my first post back in July of last year and the technical aspect of it kind of threw me for a loop so I set the blog idea aside.  I’m still not real sure about this but I do know I need to stop procrastinating and just get in the habit of posting on a semi-regular basis and figure out the technical logistics of making it pretty as I go along. Hopefully I can convince some people to read along and bear with me during my growing pains.

Here’s a recap of my life. Single mom of two teenage boys, widowed 15 years ago when my boys were just babies, about to lose my oldest son’s Social Security payment just as he gets ready to start an expensive private college and now I’ve got to figure out how to survive on an already tight budget with about $900 less a month. Guess what Social Security, I have a crazy news flash for you: your kid’s expenses don’t stop when they graduate from high school. (But I have appreciated the help the last 15 years…please don’t cut us off early!)

I currently work in the accounting department for a small company that sells medical equipment. I like my job okay although I’m kind of wasting my accounting degree in my job, I LOVE my co-workers and the flexibility of the job BUT there is no room for advancement due to the size and structure of the company, health insurance is expensive since we’re a small company, and the owner doesn’t believe in raises. Options: find a new job; add a second job; or try to find a side hustle to offset the shortage, preferably something to do with writing. Oh yeah, I forgot my favorite option, which would be winning the Powerball jackpot. I swear lottery gods, I would do such awesome things with the excess money if you could just let me win this!! Pinky swear!!

Anyway, it’s time to start hustling. Graduation date has not been set for my son yet but I’m anticipating his last Social Security check to be in May so I’ve got to get busy and figure out this next stage of our lives! This blog is probably going to be a hodge podge of topics as I talk about my financial life, raising two kids on my own, what I want to be when I grow up (spoiler alert, I just turned 41) and my slight panic at facing an empty nest sooner then I would like.


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