Simple Comforts

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There’s too much going on in my life right now between busy times at work and kids coming and going between out-of-state summer jobs and returning to school for the fall semester and struggling to find the time and energy to work on my writing. It’s caused a bit of writer’s block, which further adds to my stress. I decided to take a step back and think about my favorite simple comforts/routines that center me when life gets to be too much.

Favorite easy meal: pancakes and bacon for dinner

Favorite channels to unwind with: Hallmark channel or HGTV

Favorite authors for easy reads: Kristin Hannah or Danielle Steel

Favorite afternoon/evening getaways: movie matinee or my local Barnes and Noble store

Favorite weekend morning activity: sleeping in on my day off and then getting a late breakfast with my boys

Favorite song to cheer me up: Fight Song by Rachel Platten

Favorite late night snack: a bowl of cereal

Favorite café drink: Chai Tea latte or Hot Cinnamon Spice hot tea

Favorite Magazine: Bella Grace

Everyone needs to recharge sometimes. Life gets crazy for everybody at some point or another. It’s important to carve out a little period of time for yourself when life gets to be too much. I’m not saying you have to take a week off and fly to Tahiti (but good for you if that’s an option), but take 30 minutes or an hour out of your day and find something relaxing that you can do for yourself. None of the things I listed above are expensive or time-consuming but they are nice breaks to whatever crazy reality I might be facing at the time. Take care of yourself!!


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