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We’re well into week 2 of January and I’m feeling a bit frazzled. Leaving for vacation next week and I’m trying to get super caught up at work, which is difficult this time of year. Not sure what I was thinking scheduling a vacation in January. Oh yeah…I was thinking sandy beaches and sun when it’s currently dark and dreary and a forecast next week with high temps in the teens.

I feel like I work really hard most of the time at my job but when you’re racing to accomplish 137 items before you leave for vacation, it’s easy to realize that I am not always as focused at work as I could be. Kind of like pulling all-nighters in high school and college for those big tests or term papers, I guess.

On top of stressing out about work obligations, it occurred to me last week that I didn’t even know if my swim suits or shorts still fit since I’ve gained weight. Thankfully I have two bathing suits and 3 pairs of shorts that still comfortably fit. I’d also bought a dress months ago for our fancy dinner on the ship and a few other dresses that thankfully are very forgiving with weight gains….lol. Packing is top of the agenda for this week.

January Intention Update

How’s my decluttering going with all this crazy busy-ness? Glad you asked. I’ve been busy on that front. I took a box of books and DVD’s to our local used bookstore and sold them. It think I had 26 items and they gave me $2.82 for the lot so I probably (definitely) lost money by the time I drove there but hey, they are out of my house. Also returned a book that had been loaned to me.

Made two trips to Goodwill so far. Donated around 20 items of clothing and two lamps. These were just items that I pulled out of my closet, haven’t even started with my dresser yet. 

Threw away a bunch of miscellaneous crap around the house. Michael ended up being sick last week so that weekend was spent recuperating but hopefully this week we’ll get the Christmas decor put back in his storage unit before we leave.

Posted an extra television set to my Facebook page, hoping to sell that for a few dollars.

It’s actually pretty exciting seeing things leave the house. It’s possibly a bit addicting in a good way. Once I get back from vacation, I think I’m going to do a room-to-room focus to see how much I can gather to get rid of. I’m actually becoming a little concerned that apparently I need a challenge to accomplish much of anything, lol. Whatever it takes though, right??

All Those Other Resolutions

Kind of slow going on my other 2024 resolutions but I have finished 4 of my 48 books so that’s good. Been really bad about exercise and more sleep but I blame some of that on the crappy weather and it was a crazy week with Michael being in the hospital for 2 days. I’ve been good about starting the day off with water (thanks Mel Robbins) but not so good with keeping up with it afterwards.

My plan for my vacation is lots of sun, lots of reading, and hopefully some writing ideas for my NANOWRIMO I want to do next month. The goal is also to de-stress and not think about work for a week, which is ridiculously hard for me. 

Enjoy your next week!

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