Percocet and Peeps

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Okay, apparently I am a really bad mom. My boys are 19 and 21 and I probably haven’t made them Easter baskets for a good 8 years or so. Conversations with two different friends who have kids my age and older revealed this is apparently a parenting fail because they still make baskets for their kids. Sigh….Okay this year, I decided, I am going all out and I was going to make each of them an awesome Easter basket.

I grabbed a package of yellow Peeps when I was at Target for Nick last Tuesday. I wasn’t thrilled with their overpriced, kiddish basket selections though so I decided I would get them each some type of manly-looking container they could use for storage afterwards and fill those up with some junk…I mean Easter goodies…Friday night after I got off work.

Fast forward to Friday morning. Michael hobbles into my room at 5am, unable to even stand up straight and informs me he’s been up all night and for the last two hours he’s had terrible stomach pain. Thirty minutes later we’re at our local emergency room, they remove his appendix at 4:30pm, and ship us home the next day around 4pm. It’s unbelievable how exhausting it is to sit around in a hospital for 36 hours. Guess what didn’t get done that weekend? Correct… no Easter baskets. I handed Nicholas the package of Peeps I’d bought earlier in the week as he headed out the door to go back to school and informed Michael his Easter candy was his Percocet that the surgeon prescribed. Yep, Percocet and Peeps…I’ll pause here to let you decide whether to nominate me for mother of the year or report me to Child Protective Services.

Life gets in the way sometimes of the best laid plans. I had plans to work on my blogging course, shop for Easter baskets, spend some time with Nick, and work my second job on Sunday. I was able to do a little work on the blogging course while I was hanging out at the hospital but other than that none of my weekend plans came to fruition. That’s how life goes sometimes though. Fortunately I’ve learned how to roll with the punches over the years. My boss at my second job was kind enough to find someone to work my Sunday shift since I was utterly exhausted by the time Michael was released late Saturday afternoon. This allowed me to get some rest and have a little bit of time with Nick before he went back to school Sunday afternoon. Michael is recovering nicely and I’ve been busy playing catch up on my blogging work. My boys really weren’t disappointed about not getting an Easter basket from me and that right there is proof that maybe I haven’t completely failed at this parenting thing.

Next year boys…I promise….your Easter baskets will be much better than Percocet and Peeps!!


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  1. Nicole says:

    Percocet and Peeps! What a combination! Don’t we all walk that fine line between mom of the year and being reported? LOL! Enjoyed your post!

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