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I’ve decided I need about 5 extra hours in the day! The older I get the more I think I have adult ADD. I have so much that I need and want to do in life and I’m at that stage where I am completely overwhelmed and finding myself barely treading water at getting anything done because I am trying to do it all.

Currently on the to-do list:

  • Full time job Monday through Friday roughly 8-5:30pm
  • Part time job (currently 8-3pm on Sunday)
  • Working on Elite Blog Academy course (ideally 10 hours a week)
  • Maintaining my current blog
  • Writing a little on my novel
  • House cleaning and projects
  • Setting up my office space in my room
  • Getting to the gym
  • TV time/candy crush/reading for pleasure

Game Plan:

Obviously the full time job schedule isn’t going anywhere anytime soon since that Powerball ticket just doesn’t seem to want to cooperate. The part-time job is also a non-negotiable until I can get my blog up and running and monetized.

My EBA course is also a non-negotiable because I spent a ton of money on it and that’s what’s going to get my blog and hopefully freelance writing career going so I can replace my current part-time job. The EBA course is set up with a certain track you’re supposed to follow but fortunately I can use my existing blog for many of the assignments. As far as my novel goes, this is an on-going project that I’ve been working and re-working for years. I enjoy working on it and I think I would feel a little incomplete if I didn’t continue to do so even if my blogging course is my main focus right now so I think I am going to dedicate two hours a week to just writing on my novel.

Swing by my house and you’ll quickly see which of these action items is getting neglected. I definitely need to get a little daily schedule set up regarding household cleaning chores and I also need to farm out more of these chores to my oldest son who is living at home right now. We’ve lived in our current condo one year as of this week and I still don’t have pictures hung on the wall. I really want to set up a nice little office nook in the corner of my bedroom so I think that’s going to be my reward once I get a thorough house cleaning done and my pictures hung.

Getting to the gym has also fallen by the wayside and my pants are reminding me of this on a daily basis. I have a $10 a month gym membership that I must get back into the habit of using. I also have some apps on my phone for different exercises I can do at home that actually remind me on a daily basis to do. I just need to stop being lazy and swiping those alerts off. Thankfully I think the weather around here is finally swinging to the warmer side because I am good about walking around my neighborhood when the weather is nice.

And finally we come to television time and Candy Crush. I have to confess that I watch too much television and play too much Candy Crush. They are my guilty pleasures. I have several sitcoms I like, I love any Hallmark movie (and good God, they have 3 Hallmark channels now!), and of course my HGTV shows. And Candy Crush….all I can say is there should be a 12-step program for this addictive game.  I’m not sure if I’m going to set a time limit on each or maybe just take a complete hiatus but these are two activities that can easily be cut back on or eliminated (that may be harsh) and provide me with some extra hours in the week for more important goals.

Reading for pleasure is not necessarily a bad habit but with my current time constraints I think I may need to limit that to focus on my writing. I have several books out right now from the library so I think I am going to finish the ones I have and keep current on my book club list (one book a month) but refrain from starting any other books until I complete my EBA course.

Honestly five more hours in the day probably wouldn’t help me any because if I had that time I’d probably find another 10 things to add to my schedule. I have always tended to fill my plate a little too full. I actually worried that I wouldn’t know what to do with all the free time I gained once my kids left for college and I wasn’t running around to their sports and activities and working booster clubs and such. I shouldn’t have worried. My life is still extra full but now it’s doing more of the activities I had set aside while I was busy raising the boys. I may be a little overwhelmed right now but it’s actually a good overwhelmed because I’m busy now with projects that inspire and fulfill my soul.

How do you all prioritize your life? Any good time-management tips?




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