November Goals

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Surely there’s no where to go but up after last month’s dismal progress on my monthly goals. I have a few extra days off this month between the holidays and some vacation time I’m using so hopefully I can get some stuff accomplished this month.

Personal goals include reading three books and writing at least one blog post a week. I want to write something every single day, whether it’s a blog post, journal entry or work on my novel. I also want to make it to the gym twice a week this month. I feel like I need to do that to justify the cost of my membership.

Financially I’m aiming for at least five no spend days. I think this should be easily attainable (maybe too easy), I just have to remember to track it.

Christmas shopping needs to be on the lean side this year if I’m going to stay on task with my financial goals so I need to nail the boys down on a list of items they may want this year so I can be on the lookout for the best prices. Generally it’s tough to get a list from them because they always swear they don’t need anything but I know this year has been a little tight on them as they’ve been trying to work minimal hours while school was in session. I’m thinking they could use some gift cards for gas or restaurants if nothing else.

My work did not give us a summer bonus this year. I think this is the first time in the ten years I’ve been with this company that we didn’t get one so I’m praying we get our bonus that generally comes in November/early December this year. Also I’ve discovered that a negative of working a 2nd job at a Dairy Queen is that winter brings a little slower traffic and I’ve not been getting all the hours I was expecting/hoping but on the plus side I have been diligent about collecting points through various surveys, reward points, discount programs, etc., so I have some money earmarked for Christmas already. I’m going to try to gather a few more points from the various sites and then cash out towards the middle of November so hopefully I’ll have the funds for my shopping.

Happy November!!



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