March and Self-Care

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I’m back!

February is the shortest month…although this year we did get an extra day thrown in for Leap Year, which is always cool. I didn’t manage to write even one blog post for February, which is a huge fail for me. My goal, despite my busy schedule for the short month, was to get at least two posts published.


What kept me so busy and led me to neglect my beloved blog? National Novel Writing Month, also known as NANOWRIMO. This is officially held in November each month, but I’m a rebel, and decided to do my own version in February. The goal is  to write 50,000 words in a month’s time, which should produce a very rough draft of a novel.

Spoiler alert: I didn’t complete 50,000 words. I ended up with 44,873 words. Did I fail? Yes, technically. Am I upset? A little, because I’m competitive and I don’t like to fail a challenge I’ve set for myself but I also realize I have 44,873 words written that I didn’t in January. 

50 Before 50 Update

Guess what other challenge I’m not going to complete that I set for myself? Yup, my 50 Before 50 challenge that I set last year. You can see my list here. As of today, I’ve only completed 20 of the 50 items, but I’ll probably have at least 3 more done before Wednesday. Based on a friend’s suggestion, my list is going to be modified to “50 Things to Usher in 50” now since I still want to complete these things. 

March Intention

Moving on….My March Intention is all about Self-Care. That seemed appropriate since it’s my birthday month. Might as well try to spoil myself a bit…on a budget of course. What does self-care month mean for me? Not sure exactly. Maybe I’ll try to knock off a few more of those 50 Things to Usher in 50 list, like get a massage, or visit a museum, or finally get that tattoo. Knowing me, it will probably also involve some reading and writing time and lots of Starbucks lattes.

Self-care month definitely needs to include a few more gym visits. A recent doctor’s visit has me at the highest weight I’ve ever been at. A yoga class at my gym and a few Hydrobed sessions might ease my stress levels. Heck, I might even take a vacation day since I have a ton saved up.

What do you for frugal self-care days?


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