Living Life Like Betty White

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This is not going to be a post like most that I write. Nothing in here about budgets and New Year’s resolutions and killing debt. I’m sure my 25 loyal readers are devastated to hear this. 

I have some weird fascinations and/or borderline unhealthy knowledge about several random things in life. They include Hallmark movies, Little House on the Prairie, House Hunters and My Lottery Dream Home, and Betty White.

Betty White and others I have loved

Of course the whole world knows by now that Betty White died this past December 31st. Her 100th birthday would have been tomorrow, January 17th. This gutted me. You would think I had lost one of of my own relatives I was so distraught. Why? I’m not sure. I always thought she favored my own Grandma Betty a bit (probably just the white hair). She just always seemed so happy in life. And besides her former co-star Bea Arthur, I’m not sure I ever heard anyone else have a derogatory thing to say about her so I think she was honestly just a fabulous person. And let’s be honest, I think Bea Arthur was a bit cranky in real life, just like her character on Golden Girls, so she may not have been the best judge in character.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve experienced a few tough funerals, including my father-in-law. Obviously no one likes to attend a funeral, especially if it’s someone close to you that you loved. I think they are important rituals though because, at least to me, it’s gratifying and maybe a little healing to hear from others how much the person meant to them. 

My best friend always accuses me of being morbid at times (mostly my humor) so she’s probably going to hate this post. These recent deaths have got me thinking a lot about my own mortality though-well, that and the fact that my next birthday coming up soon is hurdling me towards 50. Betty White died at 99.96 years old and people (not just me!) were so devastated and said she died too soon. Am I living the type of life that people are going to say that about me??

Who will miss me and what will they be saying?

Obviously, I’m not a celebrity. I don’t have a thousand friends (not even on Facebook, lol). I’ve got two sons that will probably miss me calling/texting them a hundred times a week. They may be 23 and 25 but obviously they still need their mother reminding them to fill up their gas tank and be careful with the snowy weather… oh yeah, and watch for deer!!

My book club friends noticed the two times I had to miss our  book club in the approximately 13 years we’ve been together so I’m adding them to the list. I’ve got a couple handful of super duper close friends that will definitely miss my random, weird texts that I like to send at all hours.

My work desk is still a hot mess so I’m sure my co-workers will miss me for a bit. My Dairy Queen friends will definitely wonder where I am when I’m not coming through to feed my daily diet coke addiction. Most of my extended family members will probably miss me, maybe not everyone, lol. Hmmm…I might be up to about 60 people. Definitely not Betty White, or even Bob Saget levels but I guess I can’t complain. 

What do I think they’ll say about me? They’ll say, Man, she loved her boys and any activities that involved them. She loved her diet coke. She loved her friends, her friends’ kids, her tv shows, and Ikea trips with her buddies. Sometimes she was funny and she was always sarcastic. She was clumsy and awkward most of the time and loved her jeans and t-shirts. And one thing she had in common with Betty White is that she loved her husband to the end and couldn’t wait to be reunited with him. 

Can I do better?

So obviously, I’m trying to take a serious subject and make it not morbid. My point is that I spend a lot of time trying to set goals and resolutions and make my life better. I wonder if I’m doing enough to make other people’s lives better and richer? It’s so, so, so easy to get wrapped up in the busyness that is life that you let relationships sometimes slip by. It’s not intentional on my part, and I’m sure it’s not intentional on most people’s part but it happens. We make the time to attend someone’s funeral, but did we make enough time for them before that?

So I may have lied in my first paragraph. I am making a new resolution for 2022 after all. I’m resolving to be more present in friends and family’s lives. (Sorry in advance boys!) I want people to know that I have time for them. I want to be more cognizant about when people need a helping hand or someone to listen to them. Might not have a bundle in the bank to solve everyone’s issues but on occasion I have good life suggestions and past experiences that might be helpful. 

Wrapping things up, if you’re still reading this then thank you. I appreciate you indulging me in my deep thoughts today. Maybe next week’s posts will be back to more lighthearted things like budgets and saving money and setting resolutions that will make you 100 times better in the new year. 


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