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I love reading. My reading is not limited to just fiction though, throw a good motivational book at me and I devour those just like I do my Danielle Steel and Kristin Hannah books. Give me a motivational book that also delves into personal finance and I’m really going to geek out over that. I recently discovered Ramit Sethi and his book, I Will Teach You To Be Rich. Sethi also has a Netflix show called How to Get Rich, where he takes people who are in a bad financial place and coaches them to make better choices. 

Ramit Sethi believes you should live a rich life. Spend extravagantly on the things you love and cut costs mercilessly on the things you don’t. I’m still in debt-payoff mode but I love the idea behind this. I feel like I do this to an extent already. Designer clothes, purses, shoes, and alcohol are low on my priority list. Eating out with friends, fancy coffee drinks, pillows, and calendars/planners/journals are high on my spending list.

Sethi has a new interactive journal based on his bestselling book also that I may just have to splurge on. His journal is geared towards helping you identify what a rich life is to you and helping you to develop a plan to spend more on what matters most to you. 

What’s My Rich Life?

  • Buying a Purple mattress
  • Taking a large vacation each year and at least 2 writing retreats
  • Money to buy a Latte or Frappucino daily
  • Being able to buy the “good” steak routinely and not the Sirloin
  • a dedicated laundry room
  • To be able to write for a living

These might be silly things to you. That’s okay. You might want the designer shoes or purses. You might want an expensive car. Maybe you want a Peloton bike or an Exercise mirror. A trip to Greece or Disney World might be your idea of a rich life. All of these things are great. We’re all unique and we all want different things.

I’ve currently got Michael reading this book and I’m going to re-read it after he’s done with it since Sethi has updated it with a new version. I think it’s geared towards young people who want to get a jump on living a rich life but the principles are sound advice for everyone. This almost 50-year old is determined to create her own Rich life, even if I’ve gotten a late start to the game!

What does your rich life look like?

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