January 2024 -A Fresh Start

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2024 is here! The crazy thing is that it doesn’t seem that long ago that we were preparing for 2000. Remember that? Everyone was worried that all the computers and clocks and such were going to crash as soon as the clocks hit midnight?

2024 is significant for me because it’s the year I turn 50. Sigh…that really doesn’t seem possible at all. Of course, some days, more often than I care to admit, my body says, Yeah, you’re definitely turning 50…lol.

Getting Back to Monthly Intentions

So, I decided this year I needed to go back to my monthly intentions. I do better with my goals and resolutions when I can chunk them down a bit and get hyper-focused. January’s goal is to work on decluttering and organizing my spaces.

I’m not proud of this fact but I do freely own/admit it: I’m a hot mess when it comes to cleaning, organizing, clutter, etc. I’m not someone that is ready at anytime for company. My work office is even worse than my condo right now, which is extremely sad. That’s not to say I can’t generally find exactly what I’m looking for when I need it. Organized chaos…I think that’s how I would describe my life actually, not just my spaces. 

Living in a very small condo, 985 square feet (so it’s basically a tiny home) doesn’t help. Very little storage space overall. The previous owners put a tiny laundry set in the hallway bathroom, which replaced what should have been a linen closet. My kitchen has very minimal counter space and cabinet space. 

Another confession: I do enjoy walking into friends and relatives home that are always clean and organized. I also think I would be happy embracing a minimalist lifestyle because my Pinterest and Houzz pages are full of these spaces. These spaces make me feel much calmer and let’s be honest, I can use a little more calm and serene in my life.

January Challenge

My January challenge is going to focus on decluttering and organizing my home. Ideally, this is going to be a ravishing success and I’ll be motivated to make March’s intention to tackle my work office space. I’m focusing on just my home this month because it’s a ridiculously busy month at work. I’m also taking a cruise that will have me out of town for 6 days and then I’ll be out of commission for another 2 days or so for a minor medical procedure. Long story short, focusing on just my home will be challenge enough.

I’m still a bit torn on how I’m going to quantify this goal.

My cousin last year did a challenge where she got rid of a bag of stuff (any size bag is fine) each day. I like the idea of this.

One of the challenges I found on Pinterest suggested decluttering 100 items over 5 days. Also a good idea but I’m thinking keeping track of the number of items might prove to be tedious and slow me down. 

I could also just do the sight test and take a picture of the before and after. I’m leaning towards the pictures and the bag challenge although I think I will set that to a monthly amount since I am limited to the days I have available for this challenge in January. I think I’ll set the goal as 16 bags for the month.

Do any of you have any goals you’re working on this month? Do breaking your goals up in smaller chunks help you like they do me?

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