Holly’s Favorites-Spring 2023 Edition

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April through June is my crazy busy time at work. We’re preparing to open our neighborhood pool, which is fabulous for all the residents but a LOT of work for us. And to make things more complicated, it’s all time for us to prepare our new fiscal budget. Job security for me I guess but it’s a stressful period every year.

There’s always some good stuff to focus on though. I was able to watch my youngest son cross the finish line in his very first marathon. So proud of all the hard work he put in training for this. 

Also planning a trip to Indy to see my oldest son next weekend. He’s pondering a move back to Louisville and even if he stays in Fishers I think he’ll be moving apartments. Lots of possible changes on his horizon.

That means it’s time to shift my thoughts to another edition of Holly’s favorite things. I have to give credit to one of my favorite bloggers for this idea, Andrea Dekker. She does them monthly I believe. I have a hard time coming up with that many favorites though.

Favorite Shoes: Hokas

Hoka tennis shoes

I have terrible feet. I’ve struggled with knee issues and back issues for years. A few years ago I ended up with horrible plantar fasciitis. I tried everything for that, including physical therapy and every type of shoe insert possible. My cousin recommended Hoka shoes and let me tell you, these suckers are miracle shoes. Within probably 3 weeks, my plantar fasciitis pain was probably 95% gone. 

I am going to be completely honest. They are not the prettiest shoes I’ve ever worn. They’re bulky and chunky and have some ridiculously ugly colors (although they’ve gotten a little better about that in the last year or so). I have the Clifton 8’s, two pairs actually because my right foot is still swollen most of the time from my foot surgery last November so I went out and bought a second pair a half size larger and in a wide width. 

I’ve told several people about these shoes and everyone that’s bought them have thanked me. Ignore the ugliness and get a pair if you have any type of foot, knee, or back pain. And if you need more proof, take a look at the shoes of your health professionals the next time you visit a hospital or doctor’s office. I bet you’ll see quite a few Hokas.

Favorite Water Bottle: 

motivational water bottle

I love diet coke and sweet tea and Chai tea lattes. I do not love water. Water is boring…so boring. I do realize water is sooo much better for me though. I’ve attempted to add water into my daily schedule now, especially on the days I’m working out. 

This is my favorite bottle. I love the color and the motivation on it and it’s easy to see that I need to drink 2 bottles throughout the day.

Plain water just doesn’t do it for me though so my favorite trick to consume more water is adding a Berry Propel powder pack into my water. It’s just enough flavor for me and it has electrolytes 

Favorite Seat: Papasan chair

papasan chair

I had a papasan chair as a teenager that I absolutely loved. It had a green and white striped cushion and I think the base was kind of  a white-washed wood color. 

My boys surprised me with a new papasan chair for my birthday a year ago. It’s nearly as awesome as I remembered. My back is a little older so I can’t sit in it all day long anymore but it’s still pretty comfortable. 

Favorite Author (One of many): Kristin Hannah


I could probably include this category on every edition of my favorite things. Kristin Hannah is one of my very favorites though. Firefly Lane and The Nightingale are probably my two favorite books of hers but it’s rare that I ever pick up one of her books and don’t really like or love it. 

Firefly Lane was recently adapted into a Netflix limited series starring Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke. I’ll be honest, I was a little concerned when I heard about this because I loved the book (and its sequel) so much but it’s fabulous! Read the books, the sequel is Fly Away, and then watch the Netflix series! You can thank me later!

There you have it. Just a few more of my favorite things! 

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