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Hi there! I’m Holly and I have finally started my very own blog after years of stalking other people’s blogs and wishing I had my own. I’m at a serious crossroad in my life so I feel like this is the perfect time to dive in to this new endeavor since the next year is going to be full of exciting, scary changes in my life.

I live in Louisville, Kentucky with my two teenage boys. I have been a single parent since my husband died 15 years ago. I’ve been fortunate to receive Social Security for my boys since my husband died, and although it certainly doesn’t make up the loss of his full income, it has been a life saver to me these last 15 years. My oldest son turns 18 this year though and although his Social Security will continue until he graduates high school next May, I’m hit with the scary realization that a large chunk of our living expense money will be stopping just as he starts college. Two years after that and we will lost my youngest son’s payment also so I have some big decisions on how to overcome this income loss and QUICK!!

I hope this blog will help me to gain some focus, hold myself accountable on cutting expenses and increasing income, and maybe help me figure out what the 2nd part of my life is going to consist of as my kids prepare to head off to college. I’m sure this blog is going to be a hodge podge of info until I settle into what I’m comfortable with sharing in my little corner of the blogging world.

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