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Well, my second blog post was about 8 months after my first so I guess this third post being less than 4 months later would be considered progress but not the type of progress I was hoping for. I think I’m going to have to share this site with some friends to keep me on task.

Here’s my update of the last few months… my oldest son, Michael graduated in June and will be headed to college next month. Apparently he thinks starting college as a Biology/pre-med major is not going to be challenge enough so he’s also started recruit class for our local fire department. We just received his last Social Security payment… give me a minute while I finish hyperventilating at the panic that causes me in regards to our finances.

My youngest, Nick, will be a junior in high school this fall. He just bought a car (with the help of a small loan from me that he should have paid off in a few months). He decided not to play travel lacrosse this summer but he is on an indoor league with several of his high school teammates and will be attending a lacrosse showcase clinic at one of the colleges he’s interested in at the end of the month. Both boys are also working a part-time job at our local Dairy Queen. Crazy proud of them both.

Work-wise I am in a holding pattern. I applied to a position at my former company but just heard back I wasn’t selected for that. Not really surprised because they are in the process of being sold to another company and I think hiring is a bit up in the air as a result of this development. I think I’m going to have to look at getting a part-time job. I’ve looked at the budget and there’s just not enough room to cut Michael’s Social Security payment and still pay the bills. Now the trick is finding something with enough flexibility around my full-time job and still be able to see my kids. I’m also going to be keeping an eye out for another full-time position but right now Michael’s health insurance deductible is paid up and I’m afraid of messing that up by starting with a new company and new benefits in the middle of the year. Diabetes is a crazy expensive disease. I’d like to try to time the job search so I would start somewhere new at the beginning of 2016.

My goals on a personal level? I want to post regularly to this blog, meaning at least twice a week. I want to possibly look at some other writing projects. I also need to brush up on my Excel skills and try to learn a little about a couple other programs such as Access and SQL since several positions I’ve looked at with other companies prefer or require these skills. That shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish working two jobs and keeping up with busy teenagers, right?

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