Frugal Summer Fun

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School’s Out!! Well, school is out for some. My boys and I have been done with school for a bit now. Officially June 20th is the start of summer this year but it seems like the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start since that’s when most of the swimming pools open.

Confession time: Fall is my favorite season, not summer. The older I get, the less I like the heat and the less the heat of summer likes me. I refuse to be a grinch about summer though. Afterall, daylight is around much longer and there’s usually plenty to do that doesn’t cost a fortune and you know I’m all about that.

Favorite Frugal Summer Fun

  • Swimming Pools
    Unfortunately, I’m not close to a beach so a swimming pool will have to do. I’m fortunate that my condo has a pool (although it’s needed some repairs this summer and not open quite yet-Boo!). If you don’t have your own pool, many cities and neighborhoods have them that you can join or at least go on a day pass. 

  • Fireworks
    I love a good fireworks show. My neighborhood has one of the best around too.

  • Movies Under the Stars
    My neighborhood just had a free movie night last night. My friends and I were able to go to our local park and sit and watch Grease for free. Check around, this might be something your city or a nearby one offers. If not, go retro and find a nearby drive-in movie theater. Fun fact: My husband proposed to me at the drive-in.

  • Farmers Market
    My neighborhood (I really do live in a great neighborhood) offers a few of these each year but there are also many around the community I live in. They aren’t always the most economical way to get things but I try to support local small businesses when I can.

  • Potluck/Game Night 
    I live in a small condo but fortunately I have several friends close by with nice backyards that are great for entertaining. Nice weather, good friends, a good board game or some cornhole and maybe some S’mores to top off the evening…sounds great, doesn’t it?

  • Go to the Movie Theater
    Sometimes the days are just way too hot, even for a dip in the pool. That’s the best time to take advantage of the movie theater. Our local theaters have a selection of free kids movies throughout the summer. Free is always good. Otherwise, check your local theater to see when their discount night is (ours is Tuesday) or go to a matinee since they’re usually a few dollars cheaper.

  • Find a park
    I’m not big on hikes between my bad knees and feet. I also am always the main entree for any bugs around. For those of you that like to hike though, summer is a great time to find a nice hiking trail and explore.


Summer Vacations

I could easily double this list but this should get you started with some low-cost or free activities. Of course, you’re probably wondering about the infamous summer vacation. Of course plan that great vacation but honestly, now that I’m not limited by school schedules, I find that it’s cheaper and less crowded to travel when so many people aren’t out of school. 

I do love to take the summer to plan out my yearly vacations though.

So what’s your favorite summer activity?

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