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If you’re at all familiar with me, you’ll know I love HGTV…almost as much as my Hallmark channel. One of my favorite shows on HGTV is My Lottery Dream Home with David Bromstad. It’s basically House Hunters for recent lottery winners.

Part of the fun is watching a random episode and trying to guess which season it is by the different number of tattoos David Bromstad has because he’s added quite a few over the 7 seasons that it has been on. The best part of the show for me though is imagining the type of house I would shop for if money was no option. I also like guessing who is going to blow through their lottery winnings and who won’t. C’mon people, if you were about to be evicted from your 1 bedroom apartment and you’re shopping for a $900,000 home with your $1 million dollar lottery ticket….guess what? You’re going to end up right back in that 1 bedroom apartment sooner rather than later because you still have no concept of how to budget your money!

My Current Home

Currently I live in an older, two bedroom (that’s we’ve unofficially made into a 3-bedroom), 2 bathroom condo that is just shy of a thousand square feet. It has a tiny washer and dryer in the main bathroom closet. We converted the dining room into another bedroom and now that my oldest has moved out of state we’re using the other bedroom as a spare bedroom/office space. The kitchen is partially updated but the bathrooms still have their lovely 1970’s goldenrod tile. It’s not my dream home but it is in a fabulous neighborhood and it works for now.

Dream Home List

So what’s on my dream list if that winning Powerball ticket ever shows up or I get that best selling novel written and sold?

  • 2 bedrooms with a den/bonus space. I want a room for my kids when they come home and also a dedicated office space.
  • Spacious master bedroom
  • updated kitchen with a breakfast bar and pantry space
  • dedicated laundry room (Non-negotiable for my next place)
  • fireplace in my bedroom
  • updated bathrooms and master must have a nice soaking tub and rainfall shower
  • gray hardwood floors
  • room in my office for a reading nook that will fit a papasan chair
  • nice size patio/deck or even better an enclosed sun room
  • amenities that include a nice pool and fitness room. An entertaining area with a fire pit would be a bonus
  • at least one car garage
  • would like to stay in the East end of town that I currently live in

I don’t think this list is extreme, do you? Some of these are definitely little luxuries. The important thing is space so my man-children still feel like they have space to come home. An office is important because I want a great space to write, something important to me as I grow into this second chapter of my life. Hardwood floors because my allergies are terrible. A patio or deck so I can entertain friends. A reading nook because I love to read and need a relaxation spot. It’s important to know what will make your house a home for you.

What’s important to you in a dream home? Is there anything you would like that you don’t have in your current living situation or do you already have your dream home?

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