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January 2021-A Time To Reflect and Reset

The start of a new year is always a good time to reflect and reset things. We’ve just wrapped up one hot mess of a year. Unfortunately the first week, at least in the US, has also been a bit … Continue reading

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2021…a Brand New Year…Thank Goodness!

I have never been so excited about a brand new year. That’s an impressive statement from me because New Year’s Eve/Day is my favorite time of year. 2020 was rough for so many reasons, including some health issues, lost loved … Continue reading

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2020 Is Almost Over

  Almost a year ago I posted that 2020 was almost here. I was excited then. I’m going to make a wild assumption that none of us were prepared for the hot mess that 2020 became.  The Bad 2020 was … Continue reading

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Am I A Minimalist?

So, like most people, I’ve spent a lot more time at home in the last 8 months than I usually do. I bet I’m not the only one that’s looked around my house and thought, I’m really tired of all … Continue reading

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My Winter Bucket List

2020 is surely going to go down as one of the craziest years ever for the majority of people.  It’s hard to believe it’s already November 1st, which means that we’re less than 8 weeks away from Christmas and less … Continue reading

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Not In A Rut But Definitely Stuck

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck? Feel like you’re not making any progress at all? That’s how I’ve been feeling lately. I thought maybe I was just in a rut but that’s not it. It’s not that I’m stuck … Continue reading

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Celebrating Christmas When Funds Are Tight

2020 has been the craziest year ever, has it not? It seems like we’ve been dealing with restrictions forever and yet the year is still flying by for me. We are just shy of 11 weeks away from Christmas. Are … Continue reading

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Philo vs Sling Streaming Services

You guys know that I’m all about frugal living. I’m constantly looking for ways to cut my expenses. One expense that I realized was really getting out of hand a few years ago was our cable/internet bill. If you know … Continue reading

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Separate or Joint Finances?

I started this blog years ago as mostly an accountability journal for myself.  Writing has been a therapeutic outlet for me for as long as I can remember. I’ve always loved reading blogs so I thought I’d try my hand … Continue reading

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2020 and the Second Half

So we’re way into the second half of 2020. Let’s be serious, did ANYONE forecast what a crazy, crazy year this would be? The Covid-19 pandemic, killer hornets, Australia burned, protests all over the country….I’ll stop here because that’s enough … Continue reading

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