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April Already? My First Quarter Update

Can you believe it’s already April? 25% of 2019 is done. That sounded very technical didn’t it? I guess that’s the accountant in me. Let’s try that again. Hey, it’s April! You still have 3/4 of the year left to … Continue reading

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6 Things You’ve Probably Forgotten In Your Budget

So you’ve finally got your budget set up because you’re tired of me harping on you about it. Great Job!! That’s a fantastic first step to getting your finances on track. Of course it’s easy to remember to budget in … Continue reading

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45 Things About Me

  Another birthday is looming for me. It’s not a milestone birthday, but somehow 45 seems scary to me. It seems like I’m officially middle-age. Not sure why I’m struggling with this one to be honest. My husband died at … Continue reading

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Emergency Fund aka Life Has Happened Again Account

My last blog post told how I nearly had a stroke after preparing my 2018 taxes. I originally thought I owed nearly a thousand dollars to the government. This was obviously very unsettling since I don’t have a thousand dollars sitting … Continue reading

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Taxes, Emergency funds, and Losing My Sh**

  My Blog, My Rules I have very few rules relating to my blog. Basically be respectful and no comments about religion and politics because I believe everyone has a right to their own beliefs and decisions regarding those hot … Continue reading

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January Update and February’s Focus Challenge

Wow, seems like we just rang in the new year and now it’s already February. I did good on some things in January like blogging regularly and drinking a little more water. Some things weren’t so great. I didn’t get … Continue reading

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5 Small Changes That Can Save You Some Serious Change!

  I am all about being frugal. Let’s be honest, it’s been a necessary way of life for me for quite awhile. I love hearing frugal tips but I am not going to the extreme like some people do. These … Continue reading

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How to Budget When You’re Broke

I’ve been interested in personal finance for a long time. This blog actually started after realizing I might as well try writing my own after years of reading numerous financial blogs. I figured my love of writing and having a few … Continue reading

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January Challenge-Decluttering

Okay, I mentioned on my last post that I was going to create a mini-challenge each month. January’s challenge is decluttering. This is something that should be done routinely, especially if you live in a tiny home like we do. … Continue reading

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2019-A Year of Creating My Empire

If you’re one of the 12 people that regularly read my blog then you’re probably already aware that I’m a bit of a nerd. I love journals and planners, checking my budget, creating to-do lists, writing, and making big plans … Continue reading

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