April Intentions-Writing & Micro Habits

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How is it possible that the first quarter of 2024 is already over? I glanced over my 2024 Resolutions/Intentions list tonight and I’m doing okay but probably should pick up the pace a bit. 

  • I’ve paid down some debt
  • I’ve read 17 books so far (5 ahead of schedule for the 48 I’ve challenged myself with for the year)
  • I’ve attempted NANOWRIMO (wasn’t successful unfortunately 44,872/50,000 words)
  • I’ve submitted one piece of writing (2 more to go this year)

April’s monthly intention is going to be focusing on writing and micro-habits.


It’s been 2 1/2 weeks since I’ve posted last. That’s not going to get me to my yearly goal of 36 blog posts. This will be my 8th post for the year so time to get back on track. My writing intention is to log 10 hours of writing time for each week. This can be my blog, my novel, a new novel idea I’m playing around with or another writing submission.


Micro-habits/Micro-goals. If you’re reading this, you probably realize that I love to set lots of goals. I seem to have a compulsion to always be doing or working towards something. It’s easy to get overwhelmed at times for people like me who always have lots going on. Sometimes that overwhelm leads to shut-down. Micro-habits, or micro-goals, are very small steps you can take towards a bigger goal. A general rule of thumb is that the action will take 5-10 minutes or less to complete. Enough time to make progress but not enough to overwhelm.

A great example is the fact that I keep flip-flopping on whether I want to put my condo on the market. One week it’s no, I’m keeping it so I can continue to pay down my debt and still travel a bit more. The next week, my knees and feet hurt too much, and I’m convinced I need a ground floor condo. My neighbor recently sold her place so I know I can sell at a premium but I still have a bit of work to get it worthy of a top-dollar sale.

What’s the point of this and what’s it have to do with micro-habits or micro-goals? Getting my place ready to sell is going to be a chore. I have a lot of decluttering to do and some minor updates. It’s intimidating to even think about. This is where micro-habits come into play. My work is never going to be not-busy, that’s the truth. I am focused also on spending time on my writing. The good news is that I’m not on a deadline since I don’t have to sale, and honestly since Michael is prepping to get his own place, I’ll probably wait until that happens before listing mine. Here are some micro-habits I am going to work on this month:

  • 10 minutes decluttering or cleaning per room. That will be our office space, living room, kitchen, my bedroom and bathroom. Less than an hour of my day. Totally doable.
  • Start making my bed daily. I know, it’s terrible that I don’t do this anyway but as a terminal single person, my bed is generally shared with several books, a notebook, and way too many pillows. It’s just too much of a pain for me to empty it everyday to make it. I know getting in the habit will make the room look so much neater though and that will inspire me to keep up the efforts to make it more of an oasis instead of a cluttered space.
  • Round up a box or trash bag of items for either Goodwill or the trash each week. Already made two trips this week alone.
  • Make a list of improvements/repairs I need to make. Schedule getting some quotes on things I can’t handle myself (new carpet, two new windows, fixing my pantry door)
  • Stretch for 5 minutes. I’ve been going through physical therapy for the past few weeks and it’s very clear that stretching will help me immensely.

Other Micro-Habits

These are just items I’m going to focus on since my priority at the moment is working on my condo primarily. You can use micro-habits for other things too.

  • Read for 5-10 minutes each day. Or break down it down by 10 pages.
  • Walk outside for 10 minutes
  • Wake up 10 minutes earlier or go to bed 10 minutes earlier
  • tidy up the house for ten minutes before you go to bed each evening
  • wipe down the bathroom sink and mirrors each morning before leaving the house
  • balance your bank account daily. Might take longer than 5-10 minutes if it’s been awhile since you’ve done it but afterwards it should just take a few minutes a day and it’s a smart way to watch out for fraudulent activity.

I think you get the idea. Any other suggestions for me?


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