April Already? My First Quarter Update

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A year from now you'll be glad you started today

Can you believe it’s already April? 25% of 2019 is done. That sounded very technical didn’t it? I guess that’s the accountant in me. Let’s try that again. Hey, it’s April! You still have 3/4 of the year left to rock your goals!!

How are your resolutions coming? A lot of people don’t even bother setting resolutions for the year and many of those that do have already abandoned their lofty plans. Let’s see how I’ve done. This is one of the benefits of announcing your resolutions to the world (or the 5 people/friends/relatives who read this on a regular basis), you have people who will encourage you if you’re on track and kick you in the butt if you’re not.

Financial Goals

I’m on a fairly good path with my financial goals. I haven’t doubled my emergency fund yet but it’s at a decent level for this time of year. Unfortunately, I’ve got a couple home repairs that will require me to dip into that a bit. Neglected maintenance usually causes bigger problems down the road though, so as much as I hate to dip into this account I’m going to. I am ahead of schedule on my desire to make $4,000 in extra income though.


I said I was going to write 3 blog posts a month and this is actually my 10th post for the year so technically I’m on track with this. Posting on a consistent basis is what I’m striving for now. My goal is to find some time to get a couple of posts ahead so I can set a schedule each week for new posts. I’m sure all of you would LOVE to be able to read my blog every single week!!

My blogging course released an updated version so I think I may start over on it. I got distracted last year with family drama but even starting the course over I’m determined to finish the course this year.

Haven’t sold any of my writing this year but I have an article I’m in the process of writing that I will submit for an April deadline.  I am also brainstorming some ideas for a writing project I can sell on my blog that I think will be beneficial to a large number of people.


Quite a few items were purged from my home in January with my decluttering challenge. Purging is an on-going process I’ve discovered.

Artwork has not been hung yet. (Wasn’t this one of my goals for last year too? Ugh!)  I hate to admit it but I am not confident in doing this myself. I’m clueless on what type of hangers/nails to use for various type of pictures. I have to schedule a time to have my parents come over and help with this. Yes, I know, I’m 45 years old and probably should have learned this by now… stop judging!

Definitely behind on my reading for the year. I’ve only read 5 books but two of them were non-fiction. Definitely got to step it up with this goal. Want some motivational reading? Check out the Badass books by Jen Sincero!! She rocks!

Healthy Living

I have been drinking a huge amount of water since I decided to give diet coke up for Lent. Don’t ask me why I did this…I’m not Catholic and I love my diet coke. It’s not been as hard as I thought it would be though. But I really love my diet coke so I’m not giving it up forever but I am going to cut way back after Lent is over. Besides, if I gave it up totally my mother wouldn’t have the fun of posting every article she finds to my Facebook page about the horribleness that is Aspartame… ha ha.

Technically haven’t been exercising for 30 minutes, three times a week but I did join a boxing class that I absolutely love and it’s 45 minutes of a ridiculous workout. If I can squeeze in one trip to the gym outside of this then I’ll consider this a win.

Haven’t started a meditation habit but I want to. Lately I’ve been so tired that I tend to fall asleep if I actually sit still for more then 10 minutes at a time. Starting a meditation habit might need to wait until after I start back on diet coke. The combination of no caffeine and the crazy boxing class is wearing me out. I’m sure it has nothing to do with being 45 now…


I’m feeling good about my progress this year so far. There’s a lot going on between my goals for the year and still settling into my new job. I tend to find myself juggling a lot of different things at one time, quite possible that I have a bit of ADHD. This is nothing new for me though and honestly I think staying crazy busy is just my routine I’m comfortable with after all these years so my multiple goals might take me a bit longer to complete but I’ll get there eventually.

How are your resolutions going for 2019? Good? Bad? Have you totally abandoned them already? Keep in mind you still have 9 months of the year left. That’s plenty of time to finish, start, or re-start those big plans/dreams you had in January.

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