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Tomorrow I will be 48 years young. Some days I do feel young, somedays not so much. Birthdays are always a time of reflection for me. The days and years just seem to be flying by suddenly. My boys are in their 20’s now and working hard on building their careers and adult lives. I’m busy trying to work on my second chapter but I can’t figure out how to make time for it. Of course, some seasons are just busier than others and I realize this is one of those seasons.

Today I thought I’d share some random fun (and maybe odd) facts about me. Just some tidbits to let you know more about me; some are things I’ve done, some are things I want to do, and random things I like. Here we go.

  1. Being a mom is my greatest, most fulfilling job. My boys are my everything!
  2. I am a diet coke and sweet tea addict.
  3. Not a big coffee drinker but I do love Chai Tea Lattes…in fact, I’ve probably reached addict stage with those as well
  4. I’ve been in the same book club for 14 years now.
  5. I love to read but I’m old school and want to have a physical book in my hand, not a kindle, not an audio book
  6. Speaking of old school, my email address is still at AOL.com
  7. Another old school item? I use a check register. Track my budget on an Excel spreadsheet but like to be able to check the register at any minute for my balance as well
  8. Widowed at 25…thought for sure it would break me but thankfully with 2 small children I had no choice but to carry on
  9. I miss being married but apparently not enough to risk my heart again
  10. I buy multiple calendars and planners every year.
  11. Also have several journals at all times so I can write down my to-do lists, blog ideas, story ideas, etc.
  12. Covid-19 left me a lovely parting gift of Vertigo and if you’ve never experienced this, it’s horrible
  13. I love steak and it has to be medium rare
  14. The only time you will really catch me eating salad is when I’m bored waiting for my steak and potatoes to arrive.
  15. I’m a horrible housekeeper
  16. I’m a lazy cook. I would like to think that I would cook more if I ever end up with a nice kitchen to move around in but who knows.
  17. Fruit cobblers and pies are better than cake
  18. The only exception to #17 is the pistachio cake my mom makes for my birthday every year.
  19. I wanted to be a lawyer or in law enforcement when I was younger.
  20. My dream job now is to be a full-time writer
  21. I’ve bungee jumped twice
  22. My zen places are the bookstore and the movie theater
  23. I am a pillow snob
  24. I set New Year’s Resolutions every year and usually try to bully everyone around me to do so also
  25. The first story I submitted for publication to Chicken Soup for the Soul was accepted and published. They haven’t accepted any more though. Beginner’s luck maybe?
  26. Huge fan of Ikea. The product line the last few years hasn’t been as great but still like the concept
  27. Thought I wanted a tiny house at one point but now that my kids are venturing out I can see where I need a bigger space so they can come back and stay with me. 
  28. Maybe a tiny house that can serve as my writing space when I become a famous author??
  29. Love HGTV, especially House Hunters and My Lottery Dream Home
  30. Love Ben and Erin from Home Town but the Property Brothers are really more my style for interiors. Maybe I’ll hire Ben and Erin to do my quaint front porch and the Brothers for the interior
  31. Also love anything Hallmark. I love happy endings.
  32. I read every Danielle Steel book that comes out. They are incredibly predictable but they’re like comfort food for me
  33. Other favorite authors include Nora Roberts, John Grisham, Kristin Hannah, Nicholas Sparks
  34. Nonfiction writers I recommend: Jen Sincero, Marie Forleo, Lilly Singh, Maria Shriver
  35. My sons have the same middle name. That was my husband’s idea and it was also his middle name
  36. Bella Grace is my favorite magazine. I’m not even sure it should be labeled a magazine since it comes out quarterly and is over 100 pages long but I love it!
  37. I always get out way more books from the library than I can possibly read at one time
  38. I am highly allergic to cats
  39. And we have a cat! Well, technically Nick has a cat but I’ve had custody for the last 5 years….
  40. I think everyone should have a written budget
  41. I’m an extroverted introvert. I’m not that person that is going to walk up to a stranger and I might come across as shy or quiet at first but once you get to know my I can be loud and obnoxious. I’m also perfectly happy hanging by myself but also love to go out with my core group of friends
  42. I post pictures of my sons on Facebook way too much. What can I say? I love those guys and I’m proud of them. And also, I wish smart phones were a thing when I was married because I hate that I don’t have more pictures of my husband.
  43. If you need bailed out of jail, you should probably make me your one phone call because I always pick up the phone!
  44. I can’t stand it when people break plans
  45. I am a night owl. I’m lucky if I ever get to bed before midnight. And I hate mornings!
  46. I work way too much but I feel like I’m good at not letting it take precedence over my friends and family
  47. I’m most definitely not glamorous. I’m most happy in jeans and a t-shirt 
  48. Love my village of people that have helped me and my boys make it through this life

Well, there you go. You now know probably way too much about me. 

Definitely some things I plan on working on for year 48. Need to start working out more consistently and take care of my body a bit better. Mostly though I’m just focusing on being grateful for all I do have. Lost my father-in-law this year and have some other family members facing some health challenges now, so I guess it’s a good reminder not to take my relative-good health for granted.

How about you? Are you the type that wants to celebrate your birthday all month? Or are you like me and just happy for an excuse to eat out (not that I ever need an excuse for that).

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