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Dream Life

Recently I wrote about Dream Jobs. Today I’m going to write about your dream life. It’s a favorite topic of mine because I think everyone deserves to be able to live a dream life. Please note, NO ONE has a … Continue reading

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Finding Your Tribe

How many of you have a tribe in your life? How many of you know what I’m talking about when I ask this? Your tribe are YOUR people! They’re the people you call when you have a crappy day or … Continue reading

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January…Out with the Old

We’re a full week into 2023. How many of you have dumped your New Year’s Resolutions? Not me! I’m still excited about my 2023 goals. Several things to look forward to this year, including my first ever cruise. I set … Continue reading

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2023: New Year and New Goals

It’s 2023 and I’m excited. I love the New Year’s Holiday, it’s honestly my 2nd favorite holiday of the year. It would probably be bumped to the number one spot if it weren’t for the fact that I don’t generally … Continue reading

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