2023 Wrap-up

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December 2023 calendar

Photo by Olivia Gaines

There’s only ten days left in 2023. The older I get, the faster the days seem to fly by. So many great things happened in 2023. Let’s do a little recap and of course I have to update you with the progress I made (or didn’t make) on the 2023 goals and resolutions.

The Good

The youngest man-child bought his first home, a condo just a short distance from me. Pretty sure it’s twice the size of my place.

Nick is still working for UPS and seems to really like it. I’d tell you exactly what he does but I’m not 100% sure how to explain it. He’s an industrial engineer and he basically works with data to improve things and he talks way over his mother’s head when he talks about the reports, processes, etc., he creates, lol.

The oldest man-child moved back to Louisville and is currently staying with me while he settles into a new job and is also saving up for his own place.

Michael accepted one job and then about a month later was offered another job that was more in line with his career goals. He’s now a marketing coordinator for Rev-A-Shelf. I think it’s definitely been a learning curve but he seems to like it. Of course, now he thinks my place needs all new shelving, lol.

The good for me is that I was finally released from all restrictions with my foot surgery. That was a much longer process than I thought it was going to be. I am not a good patient. Foot still hurts more often than not but not enough for me to do follow-up surgery and go through another period of restrictions.

2023 Resolutions Recap

Healthy Living

Did pretty good with my health resolutions. The foot surgery slowed me down a bit but when I wasn’t hobbling around on crutches or my scooter I was exercising pretty consistently. I worked out with a personal trainer part of the year. I also completed the 75 day challenge of exercising daily, drinking loads of water, etc. Getting more sleep is still a challenge for me but I would say the majority of week nights I was in bed before midnight like I wanted to be.

Financial Goals

I’ve not run the calculations but I’m pretty sure I did not decrease my credit card debt. And even if I technically did, I had to add a car loan and a loan for a new AC/Furnace. Sigh. One step forward, three steps back sometimes. Hopefully I can knock those balances down quite a bit this year.

Personal Goals

I did not end up making a new recipe a month.

I partially cobbled together a home office space for myself. Michael and I are currently sharing the office space now. So…this is a work in progress.

My goal was to read 36 books and I’ve read 51 books so far and I’m part way through 2 more at the moment.

I have not had my will made yet. That’s a big fail.

Writing Goals

32 blog posts was the goal. I believe this is my 30th post and ideally, I’ll have my New Year’s goals post up by the 31st so I almost made this one.

Probably didn’t write daily but I wrote a lot this year so I consider this a success. I did not get NANOWRIMO done but I hope to do it in February this year.

2024 Sneak Peek

Still working on the 2024 resolutions and goals. They’ll probably look similar to last year. Writing more is still a priority and so is paying down debt. More travel is also on the wish list. An early birthday present to myself, a cruise, is on the books in January so I’m starting off strong with this goal.

Tell me about your goals for the new year!!


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