2021 Sprint to the Finish

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How is it that there’s only 7 weeks left in 2021? This year has really flown by. 2020 was such a crazy year that had us all so isolated and stressed. I think many of us really had big hopes and dreams for a better 2021. And as life has opened back up a bit more with the loosening of Covid-restrictions, I do think it was a better year in a lot of ways.

My Current Situation

I am currently sitting in a hotel room on a mini-vacation as I write this post out. I’ve been working crazy hours. Although our office never closed, there was initially some schedule shifting so that we were isolating from each other. Between alternating days in the office, catching Covid in March, and a lot more work created because of various Covid-relief funds coming into our office, it has put me WAY behind. Between a scheduled day off this week and a holiday closing the office one day, I decided to take a personal day on top of those and enjoy a 5-day weekend.

I’m splurging on a hotel for myself for 2 days and then I’ll stay with my son at his apartment for another 2 days before headed back home Sunday. My hotel splurge is being used as a mini writing retreat and for some overall relaxation. I have access to a gym, pool, my laptop and plenty of stuff to read. Most importantly, it gives me some quiet time to reflect on how this year went on a personal level for me and think about what I want for this next year.


Part of my reflection process is looking at the goals I set for 2021 and see how I’m progressing towards them. I won’t lie, it was a bit of a rough process.

I set some lofty financial goals that I am not going to meet (unless that Powerball hits in the next 7 weeks). I’ve increased my emergency fund a bit but made negative process on paying down my credit card debt. An expensive air conditioner repair, new tires for my car and several other pricey car repairs killed me this year. And honestly, although I plan on reduced Christmas spending this year, I’ll probably still be dipping into the emergency fund a bit to avoid any more damage to the credit cards.

Progress on my writing/blogging goals has been abysmal. I have less than a third of the views I wanted on my blog this year and less than a quarter of subscribers I was aiming for. This post will be the 13th post this year, a far cry from the 48 I was shooting for this year.

Hmmm…seems like a year of failures…or was it?

I will easily meet my reading goal of 24 books. I did submit 4 pieces of writing for publication consideration. I’ve taken a couple trips to see Michael at his new place, I’ve been able to tag along on a friend’s camping trip, had a couple of dinners out with friends again, and I’m enjoying this miniature writing retreat. My boys have both graduated from college and they’re working hard on their careers.

The Take-Away

Life is all about balance. I’ll be honest, this is something I struggle with constantly. I could have kept up my crazy work pace and skipped this vacation and saved quite a bit of money but what would that have done to my mental health? My father-in-law died unexpectedly a few weeks ago and there’s nothing like losing someone you love and adore to put life in to perspective. So I’ll take this time for me, and I’ll enjoy my visit with my son, and I’ll keep making big goals for myself. Maybe one day I’ll get to the end of the year and look back and think, Wow, I hit every goal I set for myself this year! I hope I don’t though because if I do then I probably lowered my goals/aspirations and I’m not okay with that.

Are any of you reflecting on this past year? Are you getting ready to set next year’s resolutions or goals? 


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