2018 Recap and Looking Forward

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I truly can’t believe that we’re just days away from 2019. I’m still working on my 2019 Goals and Resolutions but I personally think you shouldn’t look forward to a new year before checking in on how you did with last year’s goals.

Financial Goals Recap

My financial goals from last year were to double my emergency fund, reduce my credit card balances by 20%, and to earn $6,000 in extra income. I’ll give myself a passing grade here but just barely.

I did double my emergency fund but had to dip into it a bit due to some car and appliance repairs that I needed.

I did not reduce my credit card balances like I hoped to. The repairs I just mentioned plus helping some people out a bit financially and paying for my expensive blogging course led me to use the cards a little more than I anticipated. I should be able to get back on track this year though.

I was just shy of my $6,000 extra income goal. Extra income included working my 2nd job, some survey payouts, an insurance dividend, and pay from my old job that I’m helping out with on an hourly basis for a bit longer.

Personal/Career Goals Recap

I’m probably going to end up with 24 blog posts this year, which is obviously way less than the weekly blog post goal I set for myself.  Technically. I didn’t submit any of my writing but one of my blog posts did get featured up by Rockstar Finance, which was a nice little boost to my traffic.

One goal was to take a course to further my career progress and two courses to help with my writing/blog. I did not end up taking anything to help with my career but I did enroll in the EBA course. Still working my way through this and although I’m moving at a much slower pace than I expected I do feel like it’s already helped. I’m excited to keep working it this year since I should have more free time to devote to it.

Big fail on organizing my home and getting my artwork hung.

Also, we didn’t get a family vacation taken. This is hard to do with two kids in college and usually an average of about 6 jobs going on between the three of us. Have to work on this in 2019. I did get a few mini-getaways though with some friends.

Still have a few days left but so far I’ve only read 32 of the 36 books I wanted to read.

Healthy Living Goals

Big fail on the exercise goals. I started off strong on going to the gym twice a week but then life got in the way and I’ve not been at all since July. I also certainly haven’t gotten 30 minutes of exercise 4 times a week and I took zero exercise classes.

I did average 7 hours of sleep a night though and that is a HUGE WIN for me. As a definite night owl it’s tough to shut things down at a reasonable hour.  I do realize I need more sleep as I get older. (Ugh, I really hate even typing those words!)

No luck exploring different relaxation techniques either. I think I’m going to try some meditation apps this year.

Final Results

So there you have it. Some accomplishment and some things I still need to work on. This was a challenging year on several accounts but as always I have many things to be grateful for. My family is healthy, the boys are doing well in school, I have a new job, and I have big plans for some side projects for myself this year.

How many of you set New Year’s Resolutions or goals for yourself for the new year? Personally this is my favorite time of the year. I love the idea of a blank slate.

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