10 Frugal Ways for Self Care

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Self Care

Photo by Natasha Fernandez

Self care is something that I’ve discovered is sooo important and yet something that we (especially women and moms I think) tend to neglect. I don’t think I’m the only one that finds myself running around like a crazy woman between my job and running a household, and trying to have some semblance of a life. Living life this way can create some serious burnout. I can go a thousand miles an hour for just so long before I find myself snapping at people and often ending up semi-sick.

Okay, so we know self-care is important but maybe you’re thinking, I don’t have the time or money to spend on myself. Or maybe you’re thinking it’s selfish to spend time and money on yourself. Well guess what, it’s not selfish and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are 10 frugal ways I practice frugal self-care.

Frugal Self-Care Ideas

  1. Take a nap on a rainy day. There’s nothing better than a nap on a dreary, gray day.
  2. Use your favorite shower gel or lotion. Personally I love my Softsoap Sweet Honeysuckle and Orange body soap.
  3. Candles…nothing better than a sweet smelling candle. I’m currently switching between my new Christmas Spirit candle, an Ocean Sapphire scent, and a lemongrass and eucalyptus scented candle. I tend to get discounted candles at TJ Maxx or Home Goods but if you want to splurge try Bath and Body Works candles.
  4. Christmas/fairy lights…ambient lighting always makes a room seem more soothing
    bedroom twinkle lights

    Photo by Toni Ferreira

  5. Browsing my local bookstore and of course getting a Chai Tea Latte at the cafe while I’m there
  6. Home Movie night…pick an old favorite and curl up with a hot drink. Better yet, invite some friends over to join you. You can even make it a movie marathon and in that case I’d suggest a Hallmark Christmas movie theme
  7. Host a potluck dinner with friends
  8. Have a game night with friends
    game night

    Photo by cottonbro

  9. Movie matinees…not as frugal as they use to be but often first showings are the cheapest at many theaters
  10. Get some exercise. I have to talk myself into going the gym some days but I also feel better afterwards. If the gym isn’t your thing then take a walk/hike, whether that’s through your neighborhood or at a nearby park
    gym and punching bag

    Photo by Annushka Ahuja

    What are your favorite ways to carve out some time for yourself? 


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